Association of Russian Automarkers



from Chairman of the Council of the Association of Russian Automakers on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Russian Automotive Industry

   Dear friends and colleagues,On July 1 (July 14),1896, the first in Russia self-moving carriage created by two talented Russian engineers Yevgeny Yakovlev and Peter Frese was shown at the 16th All-Russia Industry-and-Art Fair in the city of Nizhny Novgorod.

 That motor vehicle signaled the start of development of a new kind of industrial production in Russia, namely the automotive industry. Even as long ago as in early years of the 20th century, the Government of Russia adopted the program of construction of automotive production facilities in Russia, of which the most important one was AMO Plant launched in 1916 in Moscow by Ryabushinsky brothers.  A new stage in development of the Russian auto industry started in 1918 with creation of an R&D automobile laboratory, which was established by enthusiasts of automotive science Yevgeny Chudakov and Nikolai Briling.The theoretical foundation of the automotive science set up by Academician Yevgeny Chudakov is until now considered as a basis for designing motor vehicles.

The automotive industry was developing in line with the country’s economic development, being an important component of industrialization of the Soviet Union’s national economy.

During the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), the automobile plants were moved to eastern areas over the Volga River and the Urals. There, in very hard conditions, they not only supplied the army and the home front with motor vehicles but were also mastering new designs.

 After the end of the Great Patriotic War, new automobile plants were built in Belarus, Ukraine, Kirgizia, Georgia and Armenia. New production facilities for automotive components were also created; automobile engineering faculties were opened in institutes of higher education.

 An impact in development of the automotive industry in the second half of the 20th century was given by construction of the giant plants – AVTOVAZ in Togliatti and KAMAZ in Naberezhnye Chelny. New development was enjoyed by allied industries. Scores of factories producing automotive components and materials have been built.

Extremely difficult for the auto industry in Russia were the ending years of the last century.

However, we have survived. Today, the Russian automotive industry is within the Top-10 of the most developed national automobile industries in the world.

We have now a strategy of the industry’s development approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. We have achieved a notable growth of vehicle production and sales.

As a result, the number of vehicles in use in the country has exceeded 54 million units. The fleet share of the vehicles meeting the high requirements for ecology and general safety is permanently growing. For example, more than 400 electric buses are operating on Moscow city routes. This is the best result among the big European cities.

We keep up our pace of work on creation of motor vehicles with a high automation rate, development of the legal base and forming infrastructure for safe driving.

We also make focus on issues of technical regulation and standardization, customs legislation, raising competitiveness of the industry’s products, economic safety, information policies, labor market, and governmental support of exports. 

Being aware of the necessity to overcome real difficulties the country is facing in the COVID-19 circumstances, we are optimistically looking for achieving positive results already in the near future.

On behalf of the Association of Russian Automakers, I am pleased to congratulate all employees of the automotive industry in Russia, all workers of the allied industries on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the Russian Auto Industry!


 Sergey A. Kogogin

Chairman of the Council

Association of Russian Automakers



About  The Association of Russian Automarkers

It was on 28 January 2003 that a number of leading automobile manufacturers in Russia including AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, RusPromAvto (now GAZ Group) and Severstal Auto (now Sollers), established a nonprofit partnership named Association of Russian Automakers.

In 2020, the nonprofit partnership was transformed into an association.

Partnership members are the following companies: AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, GAZ Group, Sollers,  MAZ, RENAULT RUSSIA, AVTOTOR Holding, NAMI State Research Centre, and Cummins Inc.

 OAR is a member association of the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA).

 Goals of the Association of Russian Automakers:

-       Development and uprise of the domestic automotive industry on the basis of quality and competitiveness improvement of its products;

-       Representation and protection of vehicle manufacturers’ interests in the state legislative authorities and executive bodies, as well as in international organizations;

-       Coordination of the members’ activities in attraction of investment for modernization and development of capacities for production of motor vehicles, components and materials, and efficient use of advanced scientific and technological achievements;

-       Implementation of a unified policy for development and strengthening of mutually beneficial cooperation links between enterprises within the industry, as well as with companies in allied industries and with foreign partners, including those in CIS countries;

-       Creation of a uniform statistical and information data base harmonized with data bases of vehicle manufacturers in the leading automotive countries.

 To achieve the above goals, the Association performs the following activities:

-       works up proposals and measures for realization of the national strategy of automotive industry development adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation and coordinates execution of such measures by the OAR member companies;

-       prepares proposals on legislative and other legal acts stipulating requirements for motor vehicle safety with the purpose of implementation of the Law “On Technical Regulation”, as well as legal acts aimed at creation of a favourable investment climate in the country; coordinates activities of the OAR member companies in the field of standardization and certification of compliance;

-       organizes execution of new R&D and engineering projects with the use of joint potentials of the OAR member companies, and promotes adoption of innovative technologies;

-       represents interests of the domestic automotive industry in international organizations, associations and alliances, concludes relevant agreements and treaties, develops cooperation with automobile manufacturers in CIS countries and abroad;

-       organizes and runs seminars, symposia, exhibitions, trade shows and fairs;

-       renders assistance to mass media in objective and comprehensive media coverage of progress in reforming the Russian auto industry.

Membership in OAR

Corporate bodies and natural persons sharing goals of the Association and contributing to fulfilment of its statutory tasks can be members of the Association.