Moscow International Automotive Forum



Moscow International     Automotive Forum             

30 August 2018   Crocus Expo IEC   Pavilion 3, Hall 20   

Russian Automotive Industry:

Challenges of the global market, problems, opportunities, prospects


9:00-10:00   – Registration of participants

10:00-10:30 – Welcome address

Sergey Kogogin – Chairman of Council OAR, CEO KAMAZ

Denis Manturov – Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

 Alfiya Kogogina – Deputy Chairman of the Committee for Economic Policy, Industry,

                                Innovative Development and Enterprise, State Duma of the RF

 Dong Yang          – First Vice President – International Organization of Motor Vehicle

                                Manufacturers (OICA), Secretary General – China Association of

                                Automobile Manufacturers (СААМ) (to be confirmed)

 Frank Schauff     – CEO Association of European Businesses (AEB)

                                 (to be confirmed)

 10:30-12:00 – Panel Discussion 1

Development of the global automobile market

 Topics for discussion:

• Impact of the market on creation of new production facilities for motor vehicles, automotive components and materials

• Possibilities of protection of the Russian automobile market by technical, tariff and non-tariff means

• Efficiency of application of WTO agreements for the automotive sector in the frames of the Strategy of the auto industry development in Russia through 2025.



Eduard Cherkin                   - Head of the Automobile Manufacturing practice,

                                                  Roland Berger

 Ivan Bonchev                     - Managing Partner, EURussian Partners

 Valery Koreshkov              - Member of Board (Minister), Eurasian Economic

                                                 Commission (to be confirmed)

 Wilhelmina Shavshina         - Legal Director, Head of Foreign Trade Regulation,

                                                  DLA Piper Rus Limited (to be confirmed)

 Joerg Schreiber                    - Chairman Automobile Manufacturers Committee, 

                                                  Association of European Businesses (AEB),

                                                  CEO Mazda Motor Rus (to be confirmed)

 Yves Caracatzanis             - President AVTOVAZ


12:00-12:15 Coffee break


12:15-14:00 – Panel Discussion 2

State support of the automotive sector

 Topics for discussion:

• Dynamics of the national automobile manufacturing

• Localisation issues

• Export development

• Incentives for production of all-tier automotive components

• Marketing promotion


 Alexander Morozov           - Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian   Federation (to be confirmed)

 Mikhail Blokhin                - CEO National Association of Automotive Component Manufacturers (NAPAK)

 Yekaterina Zinovyeva         - Project Director for Industrial and Innovative Development, Sberbank of Russia (to be confirmed)

 Andrei Pankov                     - CEO Renault Russia

                                               (to be confirmed)

 Andrei Slepnev                     - CEO Russian Export Centre (REC)

                                               (to be confirmed)

 Denis Saliy                            - Head of Representative Office of Kaliningrad Regional Government assigned to the Government of Russian Federation

 Maya Sviridova                    - Director, Auto Industry North-West Cluster


14:00-14:15 – Coffee break

 14:15-16:00 – Panel Discussion 3

Intelligent transport systems

 Topics for discussion:

• Development trends of autonomous (driverless) vehicles

• Vehicle, infrastructure and man communication systems

• Testing and certification of autonomous vehicles

• Development of regulatory framework for automated driving

• Cybersecurity


Alexander Gurko – Head of GLONASS, Chairman of Autonet WG

                                  (to be confirmed)

 Sergey Gaysin        – CEO NAMI State Research Centre

                                  (to be confirmed)

 Representative of YANDEX    (to be announced)

 Andrei Ivanov      – Head of Chair, MADI Technical University, Chairman of  Technical Committee for Standardization TC-57 “Intelligent Transport Systems”

 Denis Zagarin        – Director NAMI Testing Centre

 Sergey Zorin          – Head of Transport Safety Systems Department, Kaspersky Laboratory

 Global Link           – Urban infrastructure, global trends of electric charging stations development (to be announced).


 16:00-16:15 – Coffee break


16:15-18:00 – Panel Discussion 4

Development of technologies in automobile manufacturing

 Topics for discussion:

• Digitization of manufacturing process

• Implementation of the best accessible technologies

• Quality management at OEMs and suppliers

• Personnel training for automobile companies

• Introduction of professional standards


 Nikolai Verkhovsky – Director, Centre of Digitization, Skolkovo Business School

                                   (to be confirmed)

Representative of Rosstandart (to be announced)

 Valentin Dzedik      – Head of “Russian Register” QMS certification programme in

                                    automotive industry

Vadim Lapidus           – Director “Priority Centre”,  Head of Chair “Industrial

                                     Management and Logistics” at Economics High School,

                                     Nizhny Novgorod (to be confirmed)

Alexander Ushenin     – Deputy Director General KAMAZ, Chairman of Council

                                      for professional qualifications OAR

Ravil Khisamutdinov  – Deputy Director for Development KAMAZ


14:30-15:30Round Table 1

Protection of Russian auto market against counterfeit and falsified products

Moderator: Alexei Kuleshov, Deputy Head of Rosstandart

 Invited: Representatives of Rosstandart (standardisation agency), Roskachestvo (quality control), Russia Ministry of Industry and Trade, Russia Ministry of Economic Development, Russia Ministry of Energy, automobile companies, automotive component suppliers, media, etc.


15:45-17:30Round Table 2

Verification of automotive industry product conformance in Russian Federation

Moderator: Alexei Kuleshov, Deputy Head of Rosstandart

• Electronic versions of Wheeled Vehicle Type Approval and Design Safety Approval

• Control and supervision over conformance of automotive industry products with requirements of technical regulations.

 Invited: Representatives of Rosstandart (standardisation agency), Rosakkreditatsiya (accreditation agency), Russia Ministry of Industry and Trade, automobile companies, Association of Russian Automakers (OAR), National Association of Automotive Component Manufacturers (NAPAK), certification bodies and test laboratories.

Moscow International Automotive Forum

 Russian Automotive Industry:

Challenges of the global market, problems, opportunities, prospects

 30 August 2018                                          Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion 3, Hall 20

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